TUSC MP Website is Live!


This week, the website of the first TUSC marketing partner – TUSC MP – went live.  The website will serve as an information source for official TUSC marketing activities.  Led by Rob McNealy and Kristie McNealy, two of the original co-founders behind TUSC, the role of the marketing partner is a unique feature of the TUSC project.

The TUSC marketing partner is a term limited position, and as the first organization to serve in this role, TUSC MP will serve an initial 5 year term providing, public relations, marketing, and customer acquisition and support services for the network.

You can stay up to date on TUSC MP activities and events by following us on Twitter.

Contact TUSC MP

If you have questions or concerns, fill out the form and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.  You can also find us almost 24 hours per day on the TUSC Telegram Channel, which is the fastest way to have your question answered.

Find out how TUSC can help you, your business, and the entire industry.

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